Co-Curricular Activities   top

The co-curricular experience of students is an essential and complementary part of their education. The Student Life program at Holy Names Academy provides students with the opportunity for co-curricular involvement through leadership, clubs, athletics, performing arts, campus ministry, and special activities. Because learning is not confined to the classroom alone, co-curricular activities aid in the development of character, talents, positive social interactions, and critical thinking.

Student Leadership   top

Associated Student Body (ASB)
HNA's student government is led by elected officers and representatives who plan assemblies, dances, speakers, fundraisers, and other special events. All registered students are part of the student body and receive an ASB card.
Campus Ministry and Community (CMC)
Elected officers and representatives plan liturgies, retreats, and community service projects for the school.
Sport and Spirit (S&S)
Elected officers and representatives promote sports and foster school spirit.
Homeroom Representatives
Homerooms elect student representatives to Associated Student Body, Campus Ministry and Community, and Sport and Spirit. Representatives also serve on their respective Class Boards.
Class Leadership
Students in each grade elect two Co-Class Presidents to lead their Class Board, which is made up of the ASB, CMC, and S&S representatives from their grade level. There are four Class Boards: 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade.
Student Ambassadors
Members of this honorary organization represent the school at its public functions. Chosen for their interpersonal skills, Ambassadors host school events and promote the traditions of the Academy.
Peer Mentors
Selected 11th- and 12th-graders work in teams to assist with the 9th graders' transition into high school and facilitate avenues of communication among all students.

Clubs   top

Student-initiated clubs are encouraged and may be organized with the approval of the Vice Principal of Student Life. Clubs are approved according to student interest, school values, and community goodwill. Current clubs at HNA include the following:

celebrates and shares the love of Japanese animation.
Art Club
is a community for those who love to create all types of art projects, including painting, sculpture, and printmaking.
Book Club
members select one book each month for reading and discussion, and share ideas and reading suggestions at meetings and through a SharePoint site.
Cards for Kids
makes greeting, birthday, and holiday cards for the families & friends of patients at Children’s Hospital.
Coding Club
provides a forum to discuss Advanced Placement Computer Science topics and learn about opportunities in the computer-science field.
Do-It-Yourself Club (DIY)
creates fun projects and crafts to enhance daily life.
Drama Club
is open to all students interested in theatre and attending local performances.
Earth Service Corps
is dedicated to preserving the environment.
French Club
explores French culture and seeks opportunities to speak the French language.
Global Issues Club
seeks to learn about and discuss important topics, from water crises to natural disasters to civil unrest.
Harry Potter Club
is for students interested in reading, watching, and dramatizing Harry Potter scenes, and creating crafts based on themes.
History Bowl
practices history trivia in preparation for competition.
International Thespian Society
is an honorary group for students with demonstrated achievements in theatre arts.
Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)
An introduction to engineering professionals, careers, and projects.
Junior State of America
participants discuss political issues and enter competitions.
Knowledge Bowl
members use general and specific knowledge in quick-response competitions.
Mock Trial
studies, researches, and prepares a hypothetical court case for trial competition, sponsored by the YMCA and the State of Washington.
Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
is open to all students and educates the student body about diversity issues and cultures. MSU encourages students of all backgrounds to first discuss and then act upon ways to overcome cultural barriers. MSU includes the Black Student Union (BSU), and the Asian/Pacific Islander Focus Group (API).
National Honor Society
promotes scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Second-semester sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a cumulative, weighted 4.0 or higher GPA are invited to apply for membership.
Random Acts of Kindness Club (RAK)
encourages others to perform selfless deeds and spread kindness in the Holy Names Academy community.
Robotics Team
builds a robot to compete in events sponsored by First Robotics.
Sci Fi Club
seeks to introduce science-fiction literature, television, and film to new readers and share experience among old fans through reading discussions, writing workshops, and film screenings.
Social Justice Committee
discusses issues and acts to alleviate social injustices that are at the heart of the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.
Student Newspaper, The Dome
covers various aspects of life at HNA and invites students to submit articles and art.
Students Protecting Friends for Peace (SPF for Peace)
fosters awareness of responsible choices and safe behavior among HNA students, and assists with the HNA Peace and Justice program.
Walt's Club
For students interested in watching and studying Disney animation films.

Performing Arts   top

HNA's Holiday Music CD:

 Sounds of the Season Volume XIII Available for Pre-Order

Sounds of the Season Vol XIII CD

The 13th annual edition of the HNA Music Department's album, Sounds of the Season, will be available at Deck the Dome (Dec. 1) and at the Winter Concert (Dec. 12). Or you can order online either a CD or a digital download; use the dropdown boxes below. Each CD or digital download is $10. If you are ordering a digital download of the album, you will receive a code to download the album—via an e-mail from Ms. Taryn Webber at HNA—once your order is received.

They make great stocking stuffers, and all proceeds go to the ever-growing HNA Music Department! 

Select CD or Digital Download
Send CD Home w/Student's Name


Theatre and Film:

Fall Play
A drama or comedy. Auditions required.
Spring Musical
Presented by theatre and music students. Auditions (acting, singing, dancing) required.
New Works Festival
Student-written and directed 10-minute plays and short films, presented in the spring. Auditions required.
An annual improvisational-acting competition, taking place in the fall. Auditions required.


Concert Choir
Open to all students; meets before school twice a week.
Advanced Concert Choir
An auditioned group; meets before school three times a week.
Vocal Ensemble
A small, auditioned group of singers; meets daily as a class.
Jazz Band
Open to all students; meets before school three times a week.
Chamber Ensembles
Ensembles of two to six musicians who perform on strings, woodwinds, keyboard instruments, and percussion; meet before school two times a week.
A large ensemble that features brass, strings, woodwinds, keyboard instruments, and percussion; meets before school two times a week, with one additional weekly rehearsal for string players only.
Instrumental Groups
Groups such as the rock band or string quartet are formed in accordance with student interest.
Eclectic Strings
A small ensemble that features players of plucked, bowed, and strummed string instruments; meets before school twice a week.
Private Lessons
Instruction in voice and most instruments is available for an additional fee. Group lessons may also be arranged in accordance with student and teacher interest.

School Activities   top

Empowerment Week
Activities, presentations, and service opportunities educate students about global issues and realities.
Peace and Justice Day
Presentations, workshops, and service opportunities teach students about social justice issues.
Career Day
Students in Grades 9, 10, and 11 attend workshops at HNA on a wide range of careers.
School Dances
HNA sponsors a Homecoming Dance, Winter Ball, Spring Fling, and Junior and Senior Proms.  HNA also joins with O’Dea High School for several casual dances.
Mother/Daughter Brunch and
Father/Daughter Casino Night
These special events provide lasting memories and fun times for students and parents.
All-school assemblies occur throughout the year to celebrate, commemorate, and educate.
Students jog to raise funds to equip the HNA athletic program.

Last updated December 2017

School Day Information   top

School Hours: The building is open from 6:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Additional after-school supervision available until 5:00 p.m.

Classes: 8:00 a.m. –   2:30 p.m.

  • Six classes each day (45-50 minutes each)
  • Break: 10 minutes each day
  • Lunch: 40 minutes each day (closed campus except for seniors)

HNA Cafe: A-la-carte hot-lunch program provided by CFM / A'viands

Library: 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Daily Schedule (pdf)

Dress Code & Parking Policies   top


In keeping with the school's climate of respect, students are expected to dress appropriately for the learning environment.  The Holy Names Academy dress code is based on neatness, cleanliness, and appropriateness.  In addition, the school dress code assists students in learning to make responsible decisions about how to dress appropriately for different situations, such as school, work, church, recreation, and other activities.


General Guidelines:

The following general guidelines are acceptable standards of dress for school that apply to each school day and all student activities:

1.    Clothing should be in good condition: no holes, tears, frayed ends, or other signs of excessive wear.

2.    Skirts and dresses must be loose-fitting and no more than four inches above the knee.

3.    Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.

4.    The following tops may not be worn to school:
        •  Tops that do not fully cover the front and back of the torso
        •  Tops that do not fully cover undergarments
        •  Tops that do not have straps of an inch or more
        •  Tops that are see-through

5.    The following pants may not be worn to school:
        • Anything intended for exercise or sleep (such as yoga pants, running or biking pants, pajama bottoms, etc.)
        • Spandex or leather
        • Blue denim (except on denim days)

6.    Leggings are not pants and must be worn under tops, skirts, or dresses that are mid-thigh length or longer.

7.    Clothing with writing must be respectful and appropriate for the school environment.  Writing added to attire after its purchase is not acceptable.

8.    Shoes must be worn in the school building and on the school grounds.  Students are responsible for their choice of safe shoes and are encouraged to choose shoes that are appropriate for climbing stairs.  Slippers—and shoes that look like slippers—are prohibited.  To prevent damage to the wood floors, heels must be at least ¾-inch in diameter.

9.    Hair styles, hair color, and make-up should be moderate and appropriate for school.  Unnatural hair coloring is not permitted.

10.  Body piercings that are visible and detectable, such as facial and tongue piercings, are not acceptable at school or at school activities, except for moderate ear piercings and a small, studded nose piercing.  Students wearing piercings other than these exceptions will be asked to remove them or will be sent home.

11.  Tattoos that are visible and permanent are not acceptable at school or school activities.

12.  Sunglasses, hats, and hoods are not to be worn at school. 



Designated Dress-Up Days, Including Liturgy Days

    • Appropriate dresses, skirts, or nice pants and tops are expected. No jeans or shorts.

Designated Denim Days

    • Students may wear blue denim jeans, in addition to the regular dress code.

Designated Sweats Days (for example: Jogathon, semester exams)
    • Sweat pants and loose-fitting yoga pants, in addition to the regular dress code. No running or biking pants, pajama bottoms or spandex.


A student who arrives in class out of dress code will be sent to the office of the Vice Principal of Student Life or other available administrator. A student may not return to class until she meets dress code. The student will have two options:

  • Choose from the alternative clothing available in the office of the Vice Principal of Student Life. The student must return the clothing by first period the next day in order to be admitted to class.

  • Call parents to bring acceptable clothing to school immediately.

Dress code last updated June 2018


The Academy has a long history of partnership with the surrounding neighborhood, and it is important that students, parents, and faculty/staff take into consideration the residential nature of this community when parking vehicles. It is expected that all student drivers demonstrate respectful behavior, both in terms of adhering to city parking and driving regulations and in promoting the spirit of neighborly courtesy.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary consequences and possible loss of driving privileges to school. 


PARKING PERMITS  The school issues its own parking permits, which must be displayed in the lower-left corner of the rear window of any car driven to HNA by a student, parent, or faculty/staff member.  HNA Parking Permit Request forms are available for download or can obtained from the Executive Assistant to the Head of School, who will issue permits in August.  All cars must have permits by the first day of school.  Additional permits, or changes in permit information (such as a new license plate number) may be arranged through the Executive Assistant to the Head of School at other times of the year.


PARKING AND DRIVING GUIDELINES  are designed to provide a safe environment in our neighborhood.  The guidelines are intended to respect our neighbors’ need for parking as well as to provide parking for students, parents, and faculty/staff.  All guidelines will be strictly enforced.  A laminated HNA PARKING MAP of the school neighborhood, and suitable for keeping in a visor or glove compartment, is available in the Receptionist's Office.  A PDF of the HNA Parking Map is available here.


• HNA's two parking lots at the back of the school are restricted to faculty/staff, parents, or guests.

• Street parking for all HNA school days and events—at any hour, whether by students, parents, or faculty/staff— is restricted to:

— Any legal parking spot on E. Aloha Street.

— Both sides of the streets around the immediate four sides of the HNA building—but only in a legal space. The entire west side of 22nd Avenue in the block adjacent to the school building is a no-parking zone, but can be used for waiting during the 15-minute after-school pickup.

— The NORTH side only of other streets running east/west (Roy, Prospect, Mercer, etc.), but only in a legal space.  You may park on either side of the blocks immediately adjacent to the HNA building, as noted above.

— The WEST SIDE ONLY of streets running north/south (20th, 21st, 22nd, etc.), but only in a legal space.  You may park in any legal space on either side of the blocks immediately adjacent to the HNA building, as noted above.

• City parking regulations and common courtesy must be observed. 

 – In an intersection.  For example, students may not park across from the traffic circle at the intersection of 21st E. and E. Roy.
 – On a crosswalk or sidewalk.
 – Within 30 feet of a stop sign.
 – Within 20 feet of a pedestrian safety zone.
 – Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
 – Within 5 feet of a driveway, alley, or area of the curb removed or lowered for access to the sidewalk.
 – Within 3 feet of another parked car.
 – More than 12 inches from the curb.
 – On the wrong side of the street.
 – In any HNA parking stall marked for the disabled unless the driver has a disabled license plate or placard.  (Note: Please do not park in front of the houses in our neighborhood that are designated as “disabled parking.”  We have several neighbors who need access.)
 – Wherever there is a sign that indicates no parking.
 – Wherever there is the potential to block another vehicle.


All driving laws must be obeyed and safety must be a priority. 

 – Exceed the speed limit.
 – Fail to stop at stop signs.
 – Drive recklessly through the neighborhood.
 – Endanger pedestrians.
 – Play loud music.
 – Text or talk on a phone while driving.

Parking Policies last updated August 2018.

Forms, Fliers & Menus   top

 Academic Forms

Calendar Dates to Note: 2018-2019 (PDF)

Class Times & Rotations 2018-2019 (PDF)

Course Catalog 2018-2019 School Year (PDF)  |  Course Catalog: 2017-2018 (PDF)

Handbook: HNA Parent/Student Handbook 2018-2019 (PDF)

Music Lesson Information 2018-2019

SAT Test Prep Class Flyer Winter 2019 (PDF)

SchoolMessenger Registration Instructions To Receive Emergency Notifications from HNA (REQUIRED) (PDF)

Textbook List 2018-2019 (PDF)

Textbooks NOT Eligible for Buyback 2017-18 (PDF)

Transcripts: General Transcript Request Form (PDF)


Athletic Department Handbook 2018-2019 (PDF)

Athletic Registration Information

WIAA Pre-participation History and Physical Examination Form (PDF)

Business Office Forms

Automatic Tuition Payment Authorization Form 2018-2019 School Year (PDF)

Instructions for Applying for Financial Aid 2019-2020 School Year (PDF)

Community Service

Summer 2018 Community Service Opportunities  (PDF)


Lunch Menus for HNA Cafe & CFM Forms

January 2019 (PDF)

December 2018 (PDF)

November 2018 (PDF)

E-Dine Enrollment Form



Parking Permit Request Form (PDF)

Parking Map and Guidelines for HNA Neighborhood (PDF)


Photos & Graduation Information

Graduation Items Flyer for Class of 2019 (Jostens, PDF)

School Pictures Prices & Order Form, All Years 2018-19 (Yuen Lui, PDF)

Class of 2019: Senior Portrait Information (Yuen Lui, PDF)


Technology: Digital Device Information

HNA Digital-Device Program: Minimum & Recommended Specifications (PDF, updated May 2018)

PC Set-Up Instructions for Required Digital Device 2018-2019 (PDF, updated August 2018)

Mac Set-Up Instructions for Required Digital Device 2018-2019 (PDF, updated July 2018)


Senior Yearbook Ad Guidelines & Instructions (Jostens Yearbook Web Site--Search for "Holy Names Academy-Seattle")