Did you miss Funded Item Day? Donate today!

Thank You, Superheroes!

Last week, our heroic HNA community came together to celebrate the superhero within all of us. As we transitioned our live auction to a virtual event, you showed your support and confidence in Holy Names Academy through your incredible generosity.

Thanks to purchases made in our online auctions, $95k+ Funded Item donations, underwriting and sponsorship contributions, CHEER! raised more than $352,500 for the new Athletic Complex & Underground Parking Garage, including security features for the garage. During these uncertain times, we know that our community will adapt, thrive, and band together.

If you weren't the winning bidder, consider a donation to our Funded Item! It's not too late to support important safety and security features for the parking garage. If you have not yet made a gift, we ask you to consider making one now! There are many unknowns in the days and weeks ahead, and we need your continued support!

Holy Names Academy's Annual Fund-Raising Auction

Each year, the Holy Names Academy CHEER! Auction helps to advance the school’s mission by raising funds to support the scholarship endowment for students in need, embrace new curricula, employ new technologies, and raise resources to renovate and enhance facilities.

For more information, contact the CHEER! Auction Office: Marnie Foust  (206) 720-7808 and Laura Irvine (206) 720-7809.

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