CHEER! Auction

CHEER! 2021

HNA’s annual auction – always a very fun evening – is set for Saturday, March 27, 2021. Get ready to enjoy a lively virtual program to celebrate our students and community!

Proceeds from the CHEER! Auction enhance and sustain the Academy’s excellent academic, arts, athletic, spiritual, and leadership programs for young women. The Funded Item will strengthen the Holy Names Academy Scholarship Endowment Program, making HNA’s renowned education available to students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

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Holy Names Academy's Annual Fund-Raising Auction

Each year, the Holy Names Academy CHEER! Auction helps to advance the school’s mission by raising funds to support the scholarship endowment for students in need, embrace new curricula, employ new technologies, and raise resources to renovate and enhance facilities.

For more information, contact the CHEER! Auction Office: Marnie Foust  (206) 720-7808 and Laura Irvine (206) 720-7809.

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