• Is financial aid available?

    Yes, for the 2019-2020 school year, nearly a third (32.3%) of all HNA students received some level of aid.

  • Are academic scholarships awarded?

    Yes. A limited number of scholarships, either one-time or renewable, are offered at the time of acceptance, and are based on academic merit as shown by the student’s grades, her scores on the HNA Scholarship/Placement Exam, teacher evaluation, school report, and the contents of her application form. No separate application is required for academic scholarships. Consideration for scholarships requires taking the HNA Scholarship/Placement Exam and timely submission of all application materials.

  • When will I know if my daughter is admitted?

    Decision letters for the Class of 2025 -- and transfer students applying by the Wednesday, January 6, 2021, deadline -- will be mailed on February 11, 2021.

  • Is there a wait-list?

    Applicants who meet HNA’s admissions criteria may sometimes be placed on a wait-list in February if the number of qualified applicants exceeds the capacity of the incoming 9th-grade class. Applicants on that wait-list will hear from the school no later than June; those who cannot be accommodated must subsequently re-apply for admission as a transfer student. There are no other wait-lists, such as a wait-list for applications.

  • How do students get to school?

    Our morning shuttle service, carpools, and public transportation are the most common ways students travel to/from school. For more information on transportation options, please visit our Transportation page.

  • What counseling services does Holy Names Academy offer students?

    Holy Names Academy has two full-time College Counselors and two full-time Academic Mentors. To read more about our counseling services, please use the links below.

  • Does Holy Names Academy offer accommodation services?

    Yes, it does. Accommodation services provided by the Academic Mentors include:

    • Academic support, including study skills, time management, and organization.
    • Coordination of accommodations plans for students with documented learning disabilities and/or health issues.
    • Personal counseling that is brief and solution-focused; referrals for longer-term needs.
    • Tutoring, either by connecting students with a peer tutor or providing referrals for outside, professional tutors.
  • Our family is not Catholic; will my daughter fit in at Holy Names Academy?

    Yes. In fact, one-third of current Holy Names Academy students come from non-Catholic families. We welcome not only students but also faculty and staff from Catholic and non-Catholic backgrounds alike. In keeping with the school’s Mission Statement, we believe in fostering a diverse community to best prepare our students for life after Holy Names Academy, which includes religious diversity.

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