Community Service at Holy Names Academy

Service at HNA

In the words of the school's Mission Statement, Holy Names Academy seeks to prepare "young women for lives of leadership and loving service, and for a life which proclaims the love of God for every human person... Young women who graduate from the Academy will discover the power that is theirs to direct their lives in peace, justice, and mercy."

Throughout their four years, students are able to serve their community in a number of ways, including working with youth or the elderly, the sick or disabled, or individuals and families living in poverty.

These interactions provide the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others and also allow us to understand, appreciate, and share in the challenges and joys of our sisters and brothers throughout the community.

Service Opportunities

The Campus Ministry team at Holy Names Academy is committed to helping students find service opportunities that they are passionate about and where they can make an impact using their unique talents. 



9th grade: 5 hours per semester
10th grade: 7.5 hours per semester
11th grade: 25 hours for the year at one organization

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